The Kolpa stories

You surely know the story of Peter Klepec, a boy with special powers, who comes from the valley of the Kolpa river. In Bilpa you may meet the devil, along Kolpa you can hear the Kolpjanke fairies lost in dreams, and in Črnomelj you will meet Zeleni Jurij, who brings the spring. They are mythological figures , who metaphorically depict life in the past and partly in the present day.

The region was inhabited already back in the prehistoric times and has a rich cultural and historical heritage, which is evidenced by findings that can be seen in two regional museums and many other museums and galleries.

Many monuments outdoors still defy the tides of time, so it makes sense to spend a pleasant day exploring them.

The region is also known for its unique architecture. Here you will come across small, but pleasant houses, churches with “preslica” (a type of bell tower over the entrance to the church), old town centres, and remains of numerous former mills and saw-mills.  

Over hills, among vineyards, you will feast your eyes on scattered vineyard cottages, where wine-growers invite you to taste excellent wines and try diverse typical dishes. Here is also the home of the “belokranjska pogača” flat cake, which is registered on the EU list as a protected dish, the Kočevje forest honey with a protected origin label, the Kostel stuffed pig stomach, cereal sausages, grilled piglets and lambs, and various “potica” cakes. But to all lovers of strong liquors we highly recommend “kostelska rakija”, whereas the rest can taste home-made apple juice, water of the Kolpa valley or tea prepared from freshly picked herbs.

The culture of the region is reflected in various events. If you decide to visit them, you will come closer to people’s customs, such as the making of Easter eggs “belokranjske pisanice” and “drsanke”, birch flutes, linen, basket weaving, and many other arts and crafts items. You will not be short of various specialties, cultural programme, and proper entertainment either.

If you want to rest and fill yourself with energy, then you must visit energy points marked with lithopunctural stones and meditative routes, which connect natural sanctuaries and the vital energy centre within the Svet Kolpe project.