Nature's murmur

Natural heritage in the region is very diverse. Kolpa represents extreme diversity, intertwined with rapids, streams, tributaries, and waterfalls. Because the area is typically karstic, you will come across various karst caves and other related phenomena.

Kolpa is the home of more than thirty types of fish (Danube salmons, brown trout, gryling, barbel,Danuberoach, common nase, European chub, etc.) and as much as nine are listed as endangered species.

If you decide to go hiking, you will listen to the sound of birds, or perhaps spot a bear, lynx, wolf, chamois, otter, beaver, or maybe you will be lucky and catch sight of the European pond turtle. The region is also the home of the endemic underground black proteus.

A part of the river’s stream is protected within theKolpaRegionalPark. You can also visit the nearbyLahinjaRegionalPark and the Krupa natural monument in the vicinity of Semič. 

As leaving the area of the river, on the west you can rest your eyes on Kočevski gozd with the best preserved virgin forest reserve inEurope. And if you turn east, fern areas and vineyards will make you stop and stare. An idyllic landscape hides in its midst many flora and fauna species. You can wander away while picking chestnuts, mushrooms, and various herbs.

Get to know the secrets of the intact nature and write you own story in the European Destination of Excellence “Kolpa. Feel the river.”