Five-day vagrancy down the river from Osilnica to Metlika brings you a genuine experience of the Kolpa river. On your way you will be accompanied by mythological creatures – your local guides.


Day 1

Entry point: Osilnica

Experience: Peter Klepec will give you strength and you will paddle your way to the very end!

Destination: Fara

Accommodation: Kamp Žaga, Fara

PETER KLEPEC: the strongest boy of the Kolpa valley.


Day 2

Entry point: Fara

Experience: Paddle quickly so the devil from Bilpa won’t catch you!

Destination: Dol

Accommodation: Konda, Dol or Madronič, Prelesje

DEVIL FROM BILPA: Fear and trembling.


Day 3

Entry point: Dol

Experience: Look carefully, perhaps a Kolpjanka fairy is resting on the bank!

Destination: Vinica

Accommodation: Avtokamp Katra or Camping Kolpa, Vinica

KOLPJANKA FAIRY: A beautiful girl, who can put a spell on anyone.


Day 4

Entry point: Vinica

Experience:  Rustling sounds of water – I wonder where Zeleni Jure is hiding?

Destination: Adlešiči

Accommodation: Kamp Stari pod – Jankovič, Adlešiči

ZELENI JURE: Chases the winter away, most welcome in cold nights.


Day 5

Entry point: Adlešiči

Experience: Lepa Anka leads the dance and rambles with you happily until the end!

Destination: Primostek

LEPA ANKA: Comes from the song and makes a merry turn.


THE PRICE WITH EXPERIENCE (FOR GROUPS OF 10 PERSONS MIN): 195 EUR / person / package or 50 EUR / person / day

The price includes: five-day canoe rental, animation, and 4 x campsite rental